Classy offers a variety of fundraising products for nonprofit organizations, allowing them to create branded crowdfunding and peer-to-peer campaigns, donation pages, and sell ticketed events.

All work is under a strict NDA, please contact me to discuss my work at Classy.

Role: Senior UX/UI Designer   


Classy Manager


As a Senior Product Designer at Classy, I contribute to the release of features for the Classy Manager product, an application that helps nonprofits manage campaign activity, create transaction reports and keep track of supporter data.

Some of the features I have worked on include:

  • Account Creation (Login + Sign Up)

  • Onboarding (Customer’s first use of Classy Manager)

  • Payment Processor Setup (Self-service set up of processors to accept donations)

  • Extension Management (ie. MailChimp, Classy for Salesforce)

  • Advanced Permissions (Allowing users to create users and custom permission roles)

  • Billing Settings (Integrating Zuora data to display subscription details)


Design System


One Product, Multiple Experiences
Since it’s creation, Classy’s Fundraising Suite has continued to scale at a really fast pace. As it happens with any startup, many parts of the experience were built by different teams, in different code environments and at different times of the company’s history. As a result, Classy’s products have continued to evolve separately from each other and even when each experience is deeply interconnected to each other, some parts of the journey are still deeply fragmented.

The Project to Unite Them All
Over the past year, I have had the incredible opportunity to lead the design system project in hopes to consolidate the end-to-end customer experience. One of the most exciting parts of the project is the opportunity to bring our design and engineering teams closer together. In a world where things are changing by the hour and we have to ship, ship, ship — the design system project has been adopted by a lot of members of our design and engineering teams as a true passion project, giving all of us the opportunity to take true ownership over the user experience we release to our customers.

As we continue to build our design system, we will continue to do so with a high emphasis on not only improving the usability of the product as a whole but also bringing web accessibility at the forefront of the experiences we build going forward. Read about our journey here.




As our team scales, it has been one of my passions to constantly be on the lookout for ways to strengthen the skillsets of our design team.  

Since I joined Classy I have lead efforts to kick off team initiatives such as:

Team Critiques
Our design team is composed of brand designers, who work on our marketing collateral and the website, and product designers, who work on our core products and the release of features. Team Critiques have been critical for both teams to connect and continue to work towards the unification of all of our digital experiences.

Creative Workshops
The creative workshop series started as a monthly event where each of our team members got the opportunity to host a workshop and teach the entire team a skill they learned or share resources to make our work better. The creative workshops have empowered our team to foster a culture of sharing and constant learning.

Usability Testing
Over the past year, our product design team has worked towards formalizing our usability testing process. I got the opportunity to contribute to our efforts by providing a standardized test plan and script that helps us run consistent usability tests across projects.

Workshop Facilitation
As we move towards becoming a design-driven company, I have had the opportunity to introduce to our cross-functional teams a variety of design thinking principles and UX practices such as Customer Journey Mapping and Service Blueprinting to help solve design problems in a more holistic and informed way.