GLIDR provides innovation teams with a single platform for active management of all innovation and R&D projects.

Role: UX/UI Designer    |    Agency: Telepathy    |    Client: GLIDR

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The Project


GLIDR needed to build up a vibrant brand presence that would promote their role as technological leaders within the innovation industry.

Persona Development

We kicked off the project by facilitating a persona development workshop with the GLIDR team. During the workshop we conducted interviews with the main stakeholders of the company, informing our initial proto-personas.
IA & Content Strategy

Years ago, Launchpad detected the need for a platform where companies could keep track of innovation projects without the need of managing several documents, spreadsheets, voice recordings, etc. In a way, GLIDR is V2 of Launchpad’s original innovation management tool, however, it was to be marketed as a completely new brand. A big part of the content strategy was to bring awareness to all the information users could bring into GLIDR, giving innovation managers the ability to keep a pulse on concurrent innovation projects.   
High Fidelity Content Wireframing

As we developed the content strategy, we leveraged the key benefits of the platform to position the brand in the enterprise software market. In order to scale our content strategy, we adopted the “Gain Perspective” tagline, which was inspired by the themes of increasing visibility, streamlining of processes, and facilitating the decision making process.
Visual Design

The design of the pages followed a solution oriented approach that emphasized the platform’s capability to replace traditional tools and methods that too often created friction in the ever-evolving tech space. The visual design elements like icons, patterns, illustrations, and color use, were inspired by the thermodynamic currents and physics that keep gliders up in the sky.

The styleguide provided specific guidelines on how to expand the design system from the marketing site to any other web marketing collateral.
Custom Illustrations

The content for the solution pages of the marketing site were supported by custom illustrations that expanded on GLIDR’s mission, gaining perspective across innovation portfolios.